So, Sunday, June 18 is a day to honor Dad.  True, sometimes he didn't do it right.  But consider this:  Dads usually raise their kids the best way they know.

Sometimes their role model may not have been the very best.  But no one gives you a manual when you become a dad.  So most just do their best and stumble along by "learning on the job."

So how about your father?  Why not thank him in your heart, and to his face if he still is alive, for helping make your life what it is today?

And even if your father wasn't able to provide the best role model or dropped the ball as Dad, this is a good day to put all aside and let love rule your heart.

"Honor thy father...that it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth."  (Ephesians 6:2,3)