Brother Brian
I just want to thank God for his many blessings & leading me to Night Sounds It is like Bill Pearce never left us this program is uplifting & inspires me to live on for Jesus.
Please keep going with Nightsounds. Your programs are touching many more people than you will ever know.
mary pelton
good morning I try to start my day with a little inspiration from your broadcast of nightsounds. I love what bill can say to make me feel better about my self and to do good for others. thank you for keeping him on the radio I truly love and need his take on Christian life. god bless all of you
Toni Rodriguez
I'm so grateful for Nightsounds, it's such a comfort, and peace to my heart and mind.
Richard Savill
What a comfort. What I needed to hear because I'm going through an anxious patch. I still go through my usual motions of casting my worries and troubles on others. I feel ashamed that I need reminding that Jesus is the one to cast these things on. Not friends and family all the time. I saw a man weeping about his troubles in a restaurant bathroom while a friend comforted him. I don't know what the issue was, but I went away silently praying for him. It struck me that for that moment, my troubles were not as important as what I felt for that person. It's compassion. How abundant does God have of that than a simple guy like me? Thankyou Nightsounds. "Someone Cares" touched me where I needed it.
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