So comforting. I have loved this show since I was a young man. God bless you all for keeping it alive.
Todd Holaday
Thank you so much for keeping these programs available. They are of GREAT help to me. I look forward to meeting Bill one day in heaven and thanking him personally for his faithfulness.
Dorothy N Mitchell
Finally found you on line now I will be able to keep up with you, you encourage me,lift my spirit, keep my soul from being overwhelmed
Kimberly Kuss
I love night sounds with bill Pearce! I first came across a station in San Angelo tx back in the early 90's in high school that broadcast night sounds. I would listen to my radio with headphones on. I loved his soft spoken voice and he would most always touch on a subject that happened to me during the day. I felt comfort and reassured knowing at the end of the day I can give everything to God.I listen to night sounds app that I have on my phone now. no station close by has night sounds. I thank the Lord that I can still listen to it. its been a blessing to me .
Dennis Pirrung
I have been listening to Nightsounds for many years. Bill's Ministry of Comfort and his Bible-based commentaries have been a blessing. Thank the Lord for this long-lasting program.
I stumbled upon the broadcast last night while scanning the radio and setting my alarm before bed - immediately tears were in my eyes at Mr. Pearce's voice, and the sweet memories of my Dad listening to Nightsounds in the late 70s and early 80s. Thank you and God bless you.
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