Victoria Rivera
105.7 is a blessing to me and my household.This station blesses my soul.There have been days I have felt down or felt the enemy trying to bring me down,I just put on the radio and the music just gives me peace and encouragement.thank you to all the people who give to this ministry to stay on air.Blessings
David Nailor
Thank You all at Nightsounds. Your program is a blessing and encourages me every night. I am a 16 yr old in Redding, California. I feel the Lord uses this program to work out my life and better understand his will for me.
I'm sitting here listening to you speak about grief and a note from a listener. I think back 28 years ago. when my mother passed suddenly. I wrote a huge number of thank you notes and remember sitting at the kitchen table working on notes to friends and family listening to Nightsounds. You were a huge blessing at that time in my life. I hadn't listened to you for a long time and earlier this summer, I started listening from time to time via my computer. May God bless you as you continue to bless many listeners.
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