I have been listening to Nightsounds since May 2018. I thought I lost my relationship with Jesus and my life was out of order. I listen to this program daily and I have been encouraged most times.Through this ministry , the Lord freed me from bitterness. I was also able to ask for the Lord's forgiveness and recommit my life to Jesus. Hellen, Boston ,Ma
David Fragassi
I want to thank-you for all you do in reaching out to people. The world needs hope like never before. To bad are leaders are not listening better. Keep up the good work.
Richard Bartlett
Back in the 90's i was struggling with a bad divorce which was so bad that i was not eating and lost so much weight quickly people began ask what's going on . I can remember one night trying find answers to what i was going thru so i drove to my mom house, when she saw that i was struggling with life's storms she told go in room and listen to this man on NIGHT SOUNDS . I hesitated didnot want to but went in room and sat down and it changed my life that is hope from those days on i listen every night when NIGHT SOUNDS was on it was my refuge & the LORD saved my life
Teri Harty
I am a fan of Night Sounds, had not heard it for years, when in the past I would listen when driving late nights to farms in PA where I was living at the time. Recently heard Night Sounds on WYND, and am delighted that they are broadcasting it. the earlier hour suits my new schedule. THANK YOU for doing what God placed in your heart to do. It has touched my mind and heart.
Jerry Olson
Loved this program when it was on in the 80's. Glad to see God using this ministry Today . Many thanks to you for carrying on this work for the glory of our Lord .
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