This program brought me so much comfort on many a dark night of the soul. Not just for me, but for millions of others I'm sure. Bill's heavenly reward must be abundant indeed! Thank-you so much for providing these.
William McDonald, PhD
If anyone is interested, I have written several blogs related to Night Sounds & Bill Pearce. If you email me, I will forward these blogs to you. blessings dr. bill McDonald williamteomi@gmail.com
Sandy & Paul
My husband introduced me to Nightsounds recently. He grew up listening to it but only recently re-discovered it on his iPad. It has been a great blessing to us. We listen every evening before bedtime. During 2 recent surgeries and recoveries it was a great comfort to me. We feel privileged to donate to this ministry and hope to do so monthly.
I've started listening to Nightsounds again after many years of not having a radio station close by to hear it from. I listen via the internet as I go off to sleep. Although Bill is with the LORD now his voice continues to be used to calm the souls of many. God bless this ministry.
just wanted tolet you know how much I enjoy listening to nightsounds I listen at 1030 on weec here in springfield mon-fri thank you and god bless you
Juby Thomas
I used to listen to this on the radio when Bill was still alive many, many years ago, as far back and...It inspired me immensely and still does, to try and be worthy of God's gift to us...I've failed most of the time, but I still try and get up again and again...I'm glad and blessed to hear his voice then and now... May it bless you too...
john Gamble
I have aphasia resulting from a stroke. Jesus Christ John Gamble
marilyn Heibel
after talking with my son this evening, very depressed with Parkinsons, I turned you on and my thoughts were lifted.Thano you for your program.
Mike McKay
Dear brother bill I greatly appreciate your program and the peace it brings during the night time. As soon as I heard you mention the fellow that said profanity towards you walking down the street, I immediately started praying for your safety whenever or wherever you walk. God bless you. From Grand Junction, Colorado
Jay Drongoski
Bill' s voice is so soothing, I remember I first heard him , when going home from my cousin house, the ride was 20 minuets, I would sit in the truck for the rest of the show, The theme song is so relaxing, that after 37 years , Nightsounds is still on the air. I lost track of him for twenty years, the Lord has used this man to comfort many a people, I am happy that we can still hear the show. I never gets old .
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