Marc Nielsen
First listened to Bill during my senior year in college in Seattle (KCIS radio) in 1985. Loved him then, still love him now. Have numerous voices of comfort over the years, many have gone home to be with the Lord, like Bill. However, still enjoy his soothing voice and music in my late evenings, good for helping with stresses of the day.
William McDonald
I have listened to the late Bill Pearce off and on for years, and continuously the past several years. I have written numerous blogs from material I've gleaned from "Night Sounds" and I believe the results have informed and encouraged many. God continue to bless this dear man's work long after he has gone on to his reward.
jean eiting
I really look forward to listening to Night Sounds each night. I am an 83 years old widow. I play the radio all night to keep me company on our local Christian radio station KVIP in Redding, California. Bill Pearcel's voice is very comforting to an old lady. God is good. I have known him 53 years, through good times and sad times. He is always there to help . Thank you for your program.
In my early 20s I use to listen to this on my way to work 3rd shift and Loved the show. always comforting and interesting. I remember people saying the listen for something like 20 years if i recall right. he I am 20 years later in my late 40s and i see love it. can't find it on the radio but it's hear! Love hearing it again
Josiah W.
Even though he went to be with the Lord years ago, I so appreciate having Bill's insights and the tasteful music he played. I grew up the son of a Christian radio engineer and heard Bill's program on many occasions. More recently, in my Christian walk I was looking for a relaxing program to help with sleep without any of the sexual overtones that ASMR and hypnosis videos tend to have. Praise God for the work of Bill Pearce on Nightsounds.
Judy pelkey
For years, off and on I am lead again to a program of "Night Sounds". I am always comforted by the ministry of Bill Pearce thru comforting blessed instrumentals and gentle voice of our brother, I did not even know Bill had gone to be with our Lord. He is still being greatly used as a loving instrument of God's Love. I will download the app and pray it will be used of God to continue to draw hurting hearts and minds to our Savior. With a grateful heart, judy.
Steve Boalt
Dear Nightsounds Family I just sent a gift, but I wanted to express my gratitude for the Nightsounds App. I am able to enjoy my old friend Bill Pearce almost every night on my smart phone. Occasionally Bill plays a song from one of my Singcord LP's and I am reminded of the days when I traveled the world singing and preaching the Gospel PTL for the Heritage that Bill left us. It is still full of wisdom and blessing. Steve Boalt www.steveboalt.org
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