Samuel Phillips
I have listened to Nightsounds on KFNW in Fargo, ND and KGLE in Glendive, MT and also online. It is hard to put into words what Bill Pearce, the staff and Nightsounds has meant to me...I know of no other ministry that touches lives for Christ's sake like that of Nightsounds. Bill's messages hit where the rubber meets the road...real life real issues and he really offers practical answers using Gods Word and music. I can't thank you enough. Please keep going.
Sandy Anderson
Good morning. My heart fills with sadness and gratitude as I write this comment. The sadness comes from not being able to tell Mr. Bill Pearce how much he has touched my life; the appreciation comes from the reality of just how much he has affected my life. As a child, I ran away because of sexual abuse; I was 11. I did not understand the world nor did I know there were other "monsters" out there. The police picked me up from Fort Lauderdale beach after I left Edward's apartment, a man I was trafficked to when I was an 11 years old runaway. Addiction soon followed many other vices I used to numb the inner torment and shame from what had happened to me. Through the years, while in DCF custody and the foster care system, I would listen to Night Sounds with my little girl, Casita; I was led there by only what I can understand to be the Holy Spirit. I was broken and suicidal. By that time, I was already a 14-year-old mother. I waited for Night Sounds every night, holding on to the message and the music like a raft in the rough seas of my life. God intervened! Today, Casita is 37-years-old, and I am a blessed grandmother of beautiful grandchildren because I held on to a voice coming through the airways; the voice of a man I would never meet on this side of heaven, but a man who significantly impacted my life through faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That man is Bill Pearce of Night Sounds, and forever may he glory in the Cross for all he has done for the body of Christ, and rejoice in hearing the voice of our Lord as he says "Well done, good and faithful servant." In 2016, I authored an autobiography, Lessons from the Thorns, where I chronicled the haunting years and wrote of how Night Sounds blessed my life. To his memory, may I say with all my heart: thank you, and I love you my brother in Christ. Blessings, Sandy
Robert Thornton
I listened to Nightsounds in the early 70's while studying. It was on from 11 to midnight. I loved it!!! Several years ago I picked up a broadcast of Nightsounds and boy did it bring back memories. I then did a search and sadly learned that Bill had had left us. I am now much older and dealing with a failing memory. I was driving last night and recalled how comforting Nightsounds was to me and decided to see if I could find Bill again. I did! What a blessing his was and continues to be. Shalom. b
My story is similar to a few that I read this evening. I first started listening to Nightsounds in the early nineteen-eighties. My life had changed drastically after the Lord came into my life. This news was not received well by my husband. I soon found myself a single mother of three. Mr.Pearce's voice and words were such a blessing during this part of my journey. Thank you for keeping his legacy alive.
Larry Bedford
My dad used to listen to Nightsounds every night he love the music and the soft soothing voice of Mr. Pearce. When I would come home late at night it would be on his radio and he had fallen asleep so I would listen to it and loved it also. I just recently found this website and once again listen. We used to get the program on WMIT in Black Mountain,NC
I was a police officer for 14 years and at one point went through some very difficult times in my personal life. When I was on the 'graveyard shift' I found this program on a local station that carried it and would listen to it while on patrol. I really enjoyed it in those days as it helped me greatly. I'm glad to find it again.
Grant Lillico
So glad to be able to listen to Nightsounds anytime anywhere. Rest in peace, Bill. Your voice lives on here, while you are there with the Lord now.
I had no clue that Mr. Pearce passed away. The show's theme song used to spoke me even as a believer, but now I look forward to listening to this program before I go to bed. GOD is still using this program to minister to me. Although I am young, I love and enjoy the older songs/music. Do keep the program on the air.
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