George Fowler
I posted this on your facebook page today, and may write a blog on it later. ====== It was a bitter February night in Denver in 1975. A newly minted believer sat on the edge of his bed in a drab apartment seriously considering suicide. Very seriously considering it. For some unknown reason, he reached over and switched on his only real possession, an Emerson clock-radio with a mechanical/digital clock. It was tuned to an easy listening station, and I reached over to switch to another station, but a deep male voice came from the speaker saying "If you are thinking about suicide, don't turn the radio off." I almost leaped out of my skin! That voice belonged to Bill Pearce, and he loved trombones, as I recall. His words were not condemning, nor did he talk down to me. Night after night, I arose at 1am to listen to him, and he guided me through the most empty period of my life, and introduced me to my savior in a real way. I don't know what it was that made me look him up on facebook this day. I am saddened to know he is no longer here. But such is life, and he lives on courtesy of the internet. Thank you for maintaining this page.
I listened to Nightsounds in the '70s and just re-discovered the program this past year. Please keep the programs on the air.
So comforting. I have loved this show since I was a young man. God bless you all for keeping it alive.
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