12/03/2017 Anointing's Spirit of the Lord
12/02/2017 Poetry & Classics Reading of poetry and music
12/01/2017 The Encouragers # 2 Support systems
11/30/2017 The Encouragers # 1 Support systems
11/29/2017 Just - Jesus Wordfs of the Savior
11/28/2017 Becoming Perspective
11/27/2017 Soul Food Nourishing oneself
11/26/2017 Top Priority Egos
11/25/2017 Inter-Space Spiritual/emotional needs
11/24/2017 Weather Warning Survival/crisis
11/23/2017 Thanksgiving Day Program Being Grateful
11/22/2017 Say Nothing-Do Nothing-Be Nothing Dealing with criticism
11/21/2017 Hatred Forgive and forget
11/20/2017 Hold Me Rejection
11/19/2017 Psalms Finding comfort in the Psalms
11/18/2017 Silence Therapy of quietness
11/17/2017 E-Mail Listener response
11/16/2017 I Love You Human/spiritual love
11/15/2017 Lighten Up! Restoring the joy
11/14/2017 Brain Power The human brain
11/13/2017 Security System Security
11/12/2017 Noise Pollution Inner peace
11/11/2017 Getting To Know You 3 Relationships
11/10/2017 Traveling Light Majoring on minors
11/09/2017 The "Why" Question Divine compassion
11/08/2017 Forget Anything? God's Faithfulness
11/07/2017 Overview Physical death
11/06/2017 Scrapings God's provisions
11/05/2017 Getting To Know You 2 Relationships
11/04/2017 Getting To Know You 1 Relationships
11/03/2017 What Do You Think? Thoughts on life
11/02/2017 Honestly Now Integrity
11/01/2017 Night Shift Poetry & Music after dark
10/31/2017 Matters of Fact Biblical Precision
10/30/2017 Just Do It! Self discipline
10/29/2017 So I Prayed Answer to prayer
10/28/2017 Out of Sync Spiritual behavior
10/27/2017 Professionally Fatigued Occupational difficulties
10/26/2017 Who Needs This? Why is there suffering
10/25/2017 Stuck In A Rutt? Spiritual boredom
10/24/2017 I.D. II Self image
10/23/2017 Letting Go Spiritual Direction
10/22/2017 Soul Recovery Emotional wholeness
10/21/2017 Working Moms Setting priorities
10/20/2017 Win Some Lose Some Spiritual balance
10/19/2017 Livin' High Straying Christians
10/18/2017 No Charge Divine Grace
10/17/2017 Expressway Living Patience
10/16/2017 Personality Portrait God's Personal Touch
10/15/2017 Bitterness Forgiveness
10/14/2017 Whats the Problem God's Personal Touch
10/13/2017 See What I Mean? Eyes of Faith
10/12/2017 Where Does It Hurt? Pain's hidden purpose
10/11/2017 Theotherapy Inner Healing
10/10/2017 Get to It! Procrastination
10/09/2017 Shame on You! Guilt
10/08/2017 Spiritual Abuse Abuse within the Church
10/07/2017 What is Good His guidance and direction
10/06/2017 My Soul It is well with my soul
10/05/2017 What Do You Want From Me? Will of God
10/04/2017 Refusal Skills Saying No
10/03/2017 Stay In Touch Theraphy of Touch
10/02/2017 Gripe Session Gripe in the Spirit
10/01/2017 Credible Christianity Spiritual Growth
09/30/2017 How Do You Work Attitudes on the Job
09/29/2017 Spiritually Proud Dangers in being spiritually proud
09/28/2017 Soul Rest Stress reduction
09/27/2017 Hidden Hostility Handling our Anger
09/26/2017 Heart Speak Kinder/Gentler Approach
09/25/2017 Dealing With Pain Pain's hidden purpose
09/24/2017 Brand Name Christianity Settling for Less
09/23/2017 Gods Gentle People Positive attitudes
09/22/2017 Changeless Divine Consistency
09/21/2017 The Illusionists Religious masks
09/20/2017 Differences Personal convictions
09/19/2017 Between The Lines Emotional/Spiritual Sensitivity
09/18/2017 The First Evangelists Two women names Mary
09/17/2017 Stressed Out? Anxiety
09/16/2017 Hymn Stories Stories behind the hymns
09/15/2017 Cleared For Takeoff Copying with Adversity
09/14/2017 Still Single Singleness
09/13/2017 Humpty Dumpty Broken things
09/12/2017 Emergency Physical/Spiritual
09/11/2017 One On One Prayer
09/10/2017 Pride of Performance Balancing pride
09/09/2017 Turn the Corner Repentence
09/08/2017 Fantasy Faith Divine Control
09/07/2017 Pruning Redemptive Suffering
09/06/2017 Power Listening Silence of God
09/05/2017 Focus Priorities
09/04/2017 Poet's Corner Reading of Poetry
09/03/2017 Dead End Hope
09/02/2017 Economic Jitters Money Talk
09/01/2017 Outside Help Angels
08/31/2017 What Will I Do With God Personal faith
08/30/2017 Help Yourself Frustration
08/29/2017 Are You Frustrated? Frustration
08/28/2017 Conflict Recovery and peace
08/27/2017 Good God Why do we hurt
08/26/2017 Why Did God Let This Happen Suffering
08/25/2017 Dehydrated Spiritual dryness
08/25/2017 Power Listening Do you really listen
08/24/2017 Boiling Point Anger
08/23/2017 Solitaire Lonely men
08/22/2017 Keep The Change Personal transitions
08/21/2017 Poetry & Classics Reading of poetry and music
08/20/2017 Home Plate Heaven
08/19/2017 Rejection Do not allow rejection to take away happiness
08/18/2017 Beneath The Surface Conscience
08/17/2017 Overload Spiritual uplift
08/16/2017 Look At You! Personal image
08/15/2017 Called Life's Direction
08/14/2017 Me Self centeredness
08/13/2017 Words That Wound Communicating with others
08/12/2017 Pain 101 Lessons in suffering
08/11/2017 Pressure Points Life struggles
08/10/2017 Why Go On? Perseverance
08/09/2017 Divine Disappointment Anger
08/08/2017 Frustrated Faith Unanswered prayers
08/07/2017 Letters Listener mail
08/06/2017 Shadowland Depression
08/05/2017 Forgive Myself? Forgiveness
08/04/2017 Homecoming Heaven
08/03/2017 Kids Letters to the Pastor Kids' questions
08/02/2017 Where Are The Kids Emotionally and spiritually
08/01/2017 Kid Stuff Childlikeness
07/31/2017 The Hopeless Teen Teenage rescue
07/30/2017 Can You Believe It Faith
07/29/2017 Two Steps Backward Faltering Faith
07/28/2017 Prodigal Kids Teen problems
07/27/2017 About Those Kids God's children
07/26/2017 Does Prayer Work? In His time
07/25/2017 When Prayer Doesn't Work Does Jesus care
07/24/2017 Courageous Praying He has all the time in the world
07/23/2017 Recovery Process of healing
07/22/2017 A Touch of Peace Stress reduction
07/21/2017 Honest Prayer Teach us to pray
07/20/2017 Panic Prayers Prayer power
07/19/2017 Prayer Concert Revival prayer
07/18/2017 Complaint Department Prayer
07/17/2017 Let Us Pray Prayer circle
07/16/2017 Trust God For This? Trust
07/15/2017 Do You Measure Up? Divine grace
07/14/2017 Workaholic Do you work too much?
07/13/2017 Rest Area Workaholism
07/12/2017 Off to Work Job satisfaction
07/11/2017 Lure of the Big Bucks Who will supply us
07/10/2017 Are You A Success? Successful failure
07/09/2017 Good Intentions Meaning well
07/08/2017 Beyond Our Grief Death of a loved one
07/07/2017 Workaholics Anonymous Can you relax
07/06/2017 Now - Are You Satisfied? Financial destiny
07/05/2017 Does God Want You Rich? Financial responsibility
07/04/2017 Heal Our Land - July 4th Prayer for America
07/03/2017 A Christian Nation? Independence Day
07/02/2017 Bits and Pieces Life's reflections
07/01/2017 Alternatives What If
06/30/2017 Hymn Heritage VII Historical accounts
06/29/2017 Restoring The Reverence Over Familiarity with God
06/28/2017 Famous Last Words Communicating our last thoughts & wishes
06/27/2017 Say It Communication
06/26/2017 Toxic Talk Words that wound
06/25/2017 Peak Performance Doing Our Best
06/24/2017 What's It All About Life's Purpose
06/23/2017 Lifeline Corporate prayer
06/22/2017 Submission Obedience/Humility
06/21/2017 Do Men Need Friends Solitary male
06/20/2017 Men - Under Stress Being the strong one all the time
06/19/2017 The Loving Man Husband's responsibility
06/18/2017 Father's Day Celebrating Father's Day
06/17/2017 Easy Answers Seeking Refuge
06/16/2017 Fatherly Man When does a man begin being a father
06/15/2017 The Macho Man Injured survivor
06/14/2017 Father Deficit Paternal need
06/13/2017 Who Is That Man Jesus
06/12/2017 Crisis in Masculinity Submission to Jesus Christ
06/11/2017 Peace Talks Scripture and Music
06/10/2017 Get Moving Beginnings
06/09/2017 Heard The Latest? Gossip
06/08/2017 Listen Up Spiritual attentiveness
06/07/2017 Watch Your Tongue Power of Words
06/06/2017 Words Of Gold Verbal Encouragement
06/05/2017 Talk To Me Ventilation
06/04/2017 Cause and Effect Sowing and Reaping
06/03/2017 Crossing The Line Personal Boundaries
06/02/2017 What's The Use 2 Spiritual Discouragement
06/01/2017 What's The Use 1 Spiritual Discouragement
05/31/2017 Security System Feeling secure
05/30/2017 Traveling Light Majoring on minors
05/29/2017 Bits and Pieces Life's Reflections
05/28/2017 Soaking Absorbing God's provision
05/27/2017 All Is Not Lost Helplessness
05/26/2017 Win Some - Lose Some Spiritual balance
05/25/2017 Livin' High Straying Christians
05/24/2017 Investment Personal-spiritual destiny
05/23/2017 The Encouragers 2 Support systems
05/22/2017 The Encouragers 1 Support systems
05/21/2017 What A Surprise Unexpected grace
05/20/2017 Angel Power Angelic Influence
05/19/2017 Have A Good Day Celebrating life
05/18/2017 Gripe Sessions Gripe in the spirit
05/17/2017 Night Shift Poetry & Music After Dark
05/16/2017 Never Alone Loneliness
05/15/2017 Betrayed Trust
05/14/2017 Mother's Day Celebrating Moms
05/13/2017 Relationships We need each other
05/12/2017 Hi Mom Mother's Day
05/11/2017 You Are Something Else Diversity of Personalities
05/10/2017 Someone Cares Compassion
05/09/2017 Encourage One Another Encouragement
05/08/2017 Healing of Memories Loving Memories
05/07/2017 Don't Be Afraid! Trust
05/06/2017 Dealing with Depression Depression
05/05/2017 Forget Anything? God's Faithfulness
05/04/2017 Can God Use You Gifts of Service
05/03/2017 Pressure Points Life's Struggles
05/02/2017 Why Go On Perseverance
05/01/2017 Comfort Eating Handling our emotions/nutrition
04/30/2017 Sorta Happy The fulfilled life
04/29/2017 It's Your Call Decisions
04/28/2017 All Is Not Lost Helplessness
04/27/2017 Communication Gap Intermarriage dialogue
04/25/2017 Beware of Parents Teen guidance
04/24/2017 Do You Read the Bible The Bible in one year
04/23/2017 Judge Not Critical spirit
04/22/2017 It's Your Choice Human will
04/21/2017 Hopeless Faith
04/20/2017 24 Karat Cross Authentic cross
04/19/2017 Cross Less Christianity Value of the Cross to you
04/18/2017 All About Jesus Spiritual needs
04/17/2017 Resurrection On Trial He Is Risen
04/16/2017 Easter Sunday Easter
04/15/2017 Who Killed Jesus Crucifixion
04/14/2017 Easter Program Easter
04/13/2017 The Cross Symbolic meaning
04/12/2017 Death = Hope Eternal life
04/11/2017 The Trial What actually happened
04/10/2017 Final Week Week before crucifixtion
04/09/2017 Sugar Pill Faith Authentic faith
04/08/2017 Faith Redefined What is Faith to you
04/07/2017 Anointings Spirit of the Lord
04/06/2017 Poetry & Classics Music and reading of poetry
04/05/2017 Top Priority Egos
04/04/2017 Inner-Space Spiritual and emotional needs
04/03/2017 Psalms Christian living
04/02/2017 Unanswerables Questions about God
04/01/2017 Single Woman Alone by choice or circumstance
03/31/2017 Silence Therapy of quietness
03/30/2017 Noise Pollution Seeking peace in our environment
03/29/2017 Getting To Know You 3 Relationships
03/28/2017 Getting To Know You 2 Relationships
03/27/2017 Getting To Know You 1 Relationships
03/26/2017 Why Can't I Pray? Talking to God
03/25/2017 Under Orders Spiritual discipline
03/24/2017 So I Prayed Answer to prayer
03/23/2017 Out of Sync Spiritual behavior
03/22/2017 Soul Recovery Emotional wholeness
03/21/2017 Working Moms Setting priorities
03/20/2017 Bitterness forgiveness
03/19/2017 What Am I Doing Here? Life's purpose
03/18/2017 Clay Vessels God's Human Agents
03/17/2017 Whats the Problem New meaning in a difficult situation
03/16/2017 Spiritual Abuse Abuse within the Church
03/15/2017 What's the Good Word Upbeat faith
03/14/2017 Credible Christianity Spiritual growth
03/13/2017 How Do You Work Attitudes on the Job
03/12/2017 Goal to Go Spiritual growth
03/11/2017 Getting It Right Dysfunctional servants
03/10/2017 Brand Name Christianity Settling for less
03/09/2017 Gods Gentle People Positive attitudes
03/08/2017 Stressed Out? Anxiety
03/07/2017 Hymn Stories Stories behind the hymns
03/06/2017 Pride of Performance Balancing pride
03/05/2017 Fear Not Fear and healing
03/04/2017 Knowing You Personal value
03/03/2017 Turn the Corner Repentence
03/02/2017 Dead End Hope
03/01/2017 Economic Jitters Money Talk
02/28/2017 Good God Why Do We Hurt
02/27/2017 Why Did God Let This Happen Where is Jesus
02/26/2017 Nothing But The Truth Honesty
02/25/2017 Take That Expressing anger
02/24/2017 Home Plate Finishing well
02/23/2017 Rejection How to handle rejection
02/22/2017 Words That Wound Communicating with others
02/21/2017 Pain 101 Lessons in pain
02/20/2017 Shadowland Depression
02/19/2017 Little Solitudes Peaceful moments
02/18/2017 Divine Disability Is God limited?
02/17/2017 Forgive Myself? Self condemnation
02/16/2017 What Will I Do With God Personal faith
02/15/2017 Reaching for Love What is it I need
02/14/2017 Valentine's Day Romantic love
02/13/2017 A Time For Love Showing love for one another
02/12/2017 Stop & Ask ! Spiritual direction
02/11/2017 King of Psalms Essential Psalms
02/10/2017 Help Yourself Frustration
02/09/2017 Are You Frustrated? Frustration
02/08/2017 Can You Believe It Faith
02/07/2017 Two Steps Backward Faltering faith
02/06/2017 Recovery Process of healing
02/05/2017 Lighten Up Restoring the joy
02/04/2017 Solid Footing Security
02/03/2017 A Touch of Peace Stress reduction
02/02/2017 Trust God for This? Trust
02/01/2017 Do You Measure Up? Divine grace
01/31/2017 Good Intentions Meaning well
01/30/2017 Beyond Our Grief Death of a loved one
01/29/2017 Sacred Romance 2 Pain and Divine Love
01/28/2017 Sacred Romance 1 Divine Love
01/27/2017 Bits and Pieces Life'sReflections
01/26/2017 Alternatives What If
01/25/2017 Peak Performance Doing Our Best
01/24/2017 What's It All About Life's Purpose
01/23/2017 God In Focus Acceptance
01/22/2017 Blaming God Trust
01/21/2017 Souls On Tiptoe Predictability
01/20/2017 Easy Answers Seeking Refuge
01/19/2017 Peace Talks Scripture and Music
01/18/2017 Get Moving Beginnings
01/17/2017 Cause and Effect Sowing and Reaping
01/16/2017 Crossing the Line Personal Boundaries
01/15/2017 Pruning Redemptive Suffering
01/14/2017 Transfer Life Changes
01/13/2017 Soaking Absorbing God's Provision
01/12/2017 Hopeless Hope
01/11/2017 All Is Not Lost Hopelessness
01/10/2017 Don't Be Afraid! Comfort and Security
01/09/2017 Relationships Sharing our life with others
01/07/2017 Angry At God Handling Grief
01/05/2017 What A Surprise Unexpected Grace
01/04/2017 Angel Power Angelic Influence
01/03/2017 Dealing with Depression Depression
01/02/2017 Better Days Ahead Heaven
01/01/2017 New Year - Focus To pay attention