J. Thomas
I would appreciate prayers for my family and my job and future. I have just discovered that I have a disorder that is affecting almost every part of my life. It is difficult to do my job well and basically anything else. I trust the Lord will lead me and guide me as always...Please pray that I find my purpose in God's will, as well as our nation and the hand of God working in us and around the world...
Becky Meyer
My best friend recently lost her husband of 24 years. They have 2 kids. He was diagnosed with brain cancer 4 months before he passed. While she was taking him for treatments in Houston, Hurricane Harvey hit. They were trapped in the hospital by the flooding waters unable to get home to Beaumont, 2.5 hours away. Then they found more areas of cancer while they had to wait. He wound up having to stay in the hospital, while she went home to deal with scared kids and hurricane damage. Then they were told nothing more could be done. He wanted to go home. That is where he died. She is feeling totally overwhelmed. She is having a crisis of faith. Angry at God and refusing to talk about anything. Please, Please pray for my dear and wonderful friend. We have been friends for almost 40 years. We have been through many trials together. I keep praying God would help me find the right words to say to help her. I dearly love Night Sounds and wept bitterly when I went to the website years ago and found out Mr. Pierce had passed. I felt like I had lost a friend.
Joel Haubenstock
Family in Christ Please pray for young man (perhaps 19) found passed out behind dental office. Pray for God's mercy and salvation for him.
Mary Netchel
Please pray for my lost loved ones, that they would come to know the Lord, also for health issues for my husband and myself. And that we would do God's Will - For unspoken requests, too numerous to mention. Thank you so much for being there and God Bless You All!
Ms Nsws
I am asking for prayer for two mentally ill family members. Given the nature of their illness, I'd prefer not to share their names or any other identifiers. Please pray that both receive the medical attention needed and that they are receptive and adhere to the treatment plan presented. I ask for strength in balancing my husband and childrens needs among their needs. Forgive me for not listing my personal information.
Dear NightSounds listners, please pray for my health. I suffer with depression and anxiety at times and it last at least a year or more, I have been feeling latley like I'm falling into this again. Please pray the Lord keeps me protected from this and that I find a ministry to help others. :o) Thank you sweet saints.
Victoria G. R.
Bless you! Prayers for God to intervene on my baby's life and to meet all his needs.my husband&I need to get medical &dental full coverage for him asap.Please pray for God to bless us with favor.Prayers for my husband,many needs,&new vehicle for work.Prayers for my grandma,many needs,healing,joy,and protection.Prayers that I can read God's word more &pray more to God. Prayers for my 3 brothers,deliverance,healing in their bodies,and for God to save them.Prayers for my cousin's Tony& Christina,healing&salvation&also for the salvation off ALL my family members.Prayers I can get my cosmetology license,this has been my desire and that God will bless my Mary Kay business and that He will bless me with wisdom to run my business and to be a good at it.Ty?
Patricia Clayton
Hello NightSoundsFriends! I am taking my 4 yr old granddaughter Marley to church, and she is learning about her Jesus. Will you please pray she will accept Jesus in her heart and then share loving to her mom and dad, sister and the rest of our huge family that they would see their need for their Savior!!! Thank you all! I am also praying for you all.
Your Brother in Christ Brian
My dear Brothers & Sisters in the Lord our God through his Son Jesus has told us to bear each others burdens. I pray for my brothers & Sisters in need for those who have been financial disadvantaged, physically abused, I pray for those who need physical & mental healing, I pray for those who need wisdom & understanding from almighty God,I pray that those who are homeless will find shelter & meals. May God Bless you all according to his riches in Christ Jesus.
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