William Halych
My brother David has had two spinal surgeries, he cannot walk! He is in utter despair and in many tears. Please offer your prayers at his request and mine, that the our Lord God would speak to heart and comfort him. That He would heal him for His glory and for his family. Gracious is our Lord and God.
Please pray for our family which is going through a difficult time of misunderstandings and conflict...Pray we can get through this in forgiveness and unity and that our memorial for my mom will go well. Thank you.
Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. Pray for the needs of Believers. Pray for Godly Leaders in power. Pray for my son and daughter for wisdom and renewal of mind and spirit.
David Richardson
Greetings brothers and sisters.would ask that you would bring my France's mother (Edith culver) before the Lord for healing.she has been in and out of the hospital the past few months with congestive heart failure,low blood pressure,urinary and blood infections and today being rushed to the hospital with bad chest pains.also pray that Christ will touch her heart and lead her to salvation.thanks and blessings,david
I need prayer for lonelyness and for finding a girlfriend. I want friends to.
ming miley
Thank you for letting us put our prayer request here. My daughter Grace has three daughters and the youngest one is three yrs old. She has sleep problem, she woke up and cried, then my daughter can't get her sleep. When my daughter don't get a good night sleep she gets real stressed and bit of angry, please lift up my daughter Grace and her three yrs old named Harmony to the Lord, thank you. My daughter is seven months pregnant right now. Thank you.
Georgette Michalkovich
Please pray for my brother-in-law, Ronnie, who was diagnosed with lung cancer that has gone to his heart. He will be meeting on Wednesday with the oncologist to discuss treatment plan and find out what type of lung cancer it is. Please pray for his physical and spiritual needs and for his wife, Patty also. Thank you for being a light in a dark world and for praying. God Bless!
My stepson is back in Las Vegas as a homeless person. I have asked for prayer for him before. Earlier in the year, his sister and I arranged for him to come back home but he could not manage life. He has a serious emotional illness that needs GOD's healing.
Please pray for my friend Ron. He recently found out that he has cancer. Ron is beginning chemotherapy. His doctors are preparing to check to see if the cancer has moved into his bones. Thank you for taking this request before God's throne.
The night sounds program is a strong personality and motivate for every kind of life style . Thanks for this everyday demonstration of gospel and evangelical works to bring to us . Last time friend of mine said to me the praying which you done was working for him and happy to know Jesus Christ for everyone . In that principle and history me too wish to be that person to have gladness in this bible teaching . My brother left from home never come back to the town the family and his children's worried too much , so he does not need to engage for any thing and not confidence any body this is his principe to follow in a good condition of life . That is a perfect idea and knowledge for every person driving his life far and near , I like to be the same way to understanding this world is bad and not good for humans looking a peaceful day . Thank you minister pray for my brother to return in his place . God bless .
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