Richard Perrin
Please pray for my wife. I am a retired Police Officer. She became so down she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital because she didn't want to live any more. We are both Christians. I have been taking care of her for the last 4 months. She struggles with such deep depressions it takes a lot of prayer, bible reading to keep going. It seems at times almost overwhelming. Please pray for her recovery. I think this is probably one of the toughest battles I gone through as a believer.
Dear Almighty God in Christ Jesus: In addition to their other medical problems - YOU know who has stage 4 breast cancer. They are spiritually lost. I humbly, hopefully, and sincerely, pray that YOU shall be pleased to SAVE their poor soul and miraculously heal their frail body, and ease their troubled mind, as only YOU CAN - for YOUR OWN Glory, Honor, Praise, and Good Pleasure. Respectfully, In Jesus Christ Holy Name. Amen.
My stepson, Geno is still homeless in Las Vegas. Today I just found out he has lost everything including his tent and his personal belongings. Im sending him some money to help. He also lost his cell phone. I have to email him today with info on where he can pick up the money I will send to him. He and his girlfriend for the past 2 years are separated. He needs GOD's help. Continue to pray for him because I live in Texas and can only do so much for him.
My dad is in hospital, I believe that due to all that's happened,loss of heath and his sister he has just given up, he's stopped eating and moving. Can you please pray for my Dad/ darius brusaferro he means so much to so many. God bless you and ministry
Jonathan Spealman
My wife and I have been together fifteen years and married for seven and we keep having to start over she won't commit to our marriage. I want to be a good husband and I want a good wife. I want our relationship grow and lock into place once and for all. I love my wife and want her to love me and respect me for who I am not who she can mold me into.
Lisa kidd
dear bill Pearce I have listened to you for a very long timei always enjoy your programs and see you as a friend a brother in Christ please pray for me ask God to let me walk again for nothing is impossible with him thank you and God bless you
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