Angela Poblocki
I stumbled upon Night Sounds radio one evening while switching radio stations and am so glad I did. What a wonderful program to hear at night and to fill one's heart with the Lord. I was diagnosed with IBS at 22 years old and am not sure exactly the purpose God has for me with it. I am currently 25. I know there has to be a reason, but it has been difficult to find the energy like I used to have, and the motivation for doing activities I used to enjoy. I pray for symptoms to alleviate, but also for God to show me the purpose. I am also studying for my licensing board examination to become a PA and really would love prayer for focus, patience, and motivation to study. Last, for prayer for God to show me where He wants me to work and for His upmost glory. Thank you, kindly.
Cathy Richter
I'm struggling with what to do about my back pain. Doctors, Chiropractors, stretching/exercising, shots. I'm starting to get discouraged and depressed. I'm 57 years old and want to be active. Please pray for me. Thank you
Shannon Balmes
I am fighting Ovarian Cancer. I pray of total healing. Nightsounds has been my companion these past weeks as I am home bond. I used to listen to Nightsounds back in the 80's and Bill voice and choice of music has been a bright spot in my treatment.
Dorian Darnell Harkins
I want God's Spirit to reign within me.
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