loi pryor
it seems I have all the needs plus more, I need a better job. I am lonely also after an abusive marriage. I stayed over 40 years and am depressed. my thoughts are dark. just had major restruction surgery on face . it was a double surgery. I have a new house , but I am so lonely and don't feel connected. Would like your prayers for miracles. complete restoration, of myself and Sons and Bob but a purpose and family type friends
Joyce Cartwright
I am struggling so very much with anxiety, stress, depression etc. it has gotten so bad these past couple months. Psychiatrist has been trying different meds. I have no reason to feel these things. Are used to have a much much closer relationship with God. I feel I don't even have a relationship with him now or with Jesus. I don't know what's going on I feel horrible and scared. I read Christian self-help books but I am just not feeling any hope at this point. I have so very very very much to be thankful for but I just don't feel the joy out of life anymore
Mia leavens
Please pray for me. I am being re-tested to see if I have Cushing's syndrome this morning. If I have it, it would explain a lot of the symptoms I am currently struggling with ie. depression, anxiety and insomnia. It would mean there is a treatment and away out of the madness my husband and I have been struggling with for 5 years. But it would also mean, I have another disease and people don't wish for things like that. I only know I trust God and I need His will to happen in this area of my life. I do want answers and I do want away out. I want this to be positive so I can be healed. Please pray for my healing in His will.
I am now in need of new work at a new job. Present job may not last long, maybe this will be my last week. I need to work as I live alone in Texas and am 61 years of age. No one but Almighty God to fall back on. Lord, help me. Thank you. In Jesus name , AMEN! Continued prayer for my sister in California, unemployed for over one year. God bless her!
Robin Timmons
Thank you so much for these programs. Each one speaks to my heart. I ask for prayer also for chronic, debilitating back pain and the depression which seems to accompany it. I have been praying for the above poster because I can relate to her pain. I have degenerative disc disease and have been told by doctors that it will only get worse as time progresses. That seems to be true, as I am able to do less and less and at times the pain is unbearable. I want to remain true to my Savior through it all. Please help me pray for strength to do this and to continue to be able to be a good companion to my husband, family and church family and friends. May the Lord bless and continue to grow your loving, gentle ministry.
Baby kelly
Hi mr. Ns its a pleasure to talking you because the night program is pushing me to say some thing , appreciate and a good works all night to hear form you , today I asks you to praying for my anti to be a good service for her when she drive a car because she doesn't be active for long time in this experimant now she want to try to working in this thechinq for next , please pray for her not worry to start this job thank you , God bless .
Prayer for my sister in Los Angeles who has been unemployed for over one year. She needs a job close to her home with a salary she can live on. Thank you and God bless your prayers.
Williams Family
Faithful, Heavenly Father God, in Christ Jesus Blessed Name: Please remember Fred: in an unspoken, intercessory, prayer request, even now; throughout the month of October 2017; and, thereafter. I humbly pray by Faith; and truly thank YOU, Almighty God in Jesus Christ Holy Name, for the privilege to fellowship with You, and YOUR faithful army of prayer warrior saints, in intercessory prayer. Amen.
Mr. Pearce, I am a widow of 2yrs. and I have taken a job that is about 25 miles to work and I listen on my way to work at 11pm central on KHCB/FM in Houston, Tx. It is so soothing to hear the intro music and your voice helps me to get through the night at work. I am struggling in many areas of my life grief,depression,and need of wanting a relationship with a Godly man. At times can be overwhelming. I pray that God will send me the right man in my life and my birthday is Oct 18th and I will be 60 yrs. old And I thank God for these years of my life and the portion of health and strength everyday. Thank you again for Night sounds. I've worked in radio some years ago and enjoyed very much. Your delivery over the air displays how much you enjoy radio as well.
George Schuyler
I listen to your program in Carlisle pa 91.3 i have a doctor appt tomorrow that i would appreciate prayer thank you
My prayer is for all the prayer needs on this site will be met according to Gods purpose and will. My personal request is for wisdom and favour in the upcoming days. Also comfort and peace for the families of victims of violence. Pray also for President Trump and that People will see though the fake mainstream media.
Please pray that I meet a Christian companion. Thank you.
Becky Bishop
I just wanted to thank you for this ministry. What calm it brings me. I have heard it by accident through the years and stumbled upon it again the other day. This time I was determined to find out more. I have shared it with my elderly parents hoping it will bring some peace to them too. My prayer request is for my 28 year old daughter to be drawn to the Lord and have her heart and eyes opened to the truth. She walked away from faith at college. And also for my son too who leads a very private life. I pray he also is drawn to him. Thank you!
Susan Bates
Prayer for my husband who has stopped going to church for about 5 years.
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