Still need extra prayer for my sister in California; still unemployed since August 2016. I live in Texas and can only do so much for her. God bless.
Suzann White
Thank you Roger for praying for all the listeners of nightsounds. I want to thank God for me being able to get night sounds on KHCB radio. I would like prayer for my daughter that she may have remorse one day for her actions and anger against me. I pray for her soul. I pray for all the listeners of night sounds as well. God Bless this program and everyone who listens to it.
Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, Pray for President Donald Trump. Pray for wisdom for myself. Pray that my son would get wisdom and stop using drugs. Pray for the needs of all listeners of Night Sounds.
Ronald Lane
I was in the hospital and took an IQ test. It revealed I have damage to the right side of my brain, and I have problems with pattern recognition,puzzles,and nonverbal communication. This lowers my total IQ and is a learning disability.please pray for God to heal my brain completely and bless my health.
This is for my daughter, she feels the Dr.s are not for coming with her. On the sonagram she can't see the baby's arms or legs, she fears they are not there at all. Please pray for her that everything will be normal, but we also know that Gods will is not our will always. Keep her calm and from crying with worry.
Kim Phillips
I need prayer for a doctor's visit tomorrow. I have had a return of severe anxiety with palpitations, feeling of doom, sweating, agitation and am in need of healing. I trust God to help me and heal me and I ask for your prayers. Thank you.
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