Please pray for me.Tue I went with church to a one day event,i asked a neighbor to give my cat med at 11:30am,I left the house at 8:30am,did close the door,but did not lock it,thought it will be easier for her to come in,but I did give her the key though.(my room usually no one came) When I came back, checked the cash I hided in the bottom of one drawer,the $1.200,it's gone.I asked her,she said your door wasn't locked so anybody can come in.please pray for us,Thank you.$1.200 is my whole year's saving.
Marina viegas
Please pray for my friend,who is making a decision to stop the machine that is keeping her mother alive,I know that God Is the giver of life and death, pray that The Lord will be with the family to comfort them and give the strength to carry on.Thank you and may God bless your ministry.
Please pray for my son, Ryan, that he will give up drinking and turn his heart to the Lord.
Prayer for my homeless stepson in Las Vegas where the temperature this week will be over 100 degrees everyday; I haven't heard from him in 2 weeks. He's been homeless for over 2 years. Prayer for my sister and her job interviews this week; she's been unemployed for almost 1 year now. thank you. God bless you.
Marianna Jessee
My beloved father Luther Whitehurst of Houston, Texas a listener for 20plus years passed away Thursday July 29 the after a brief but pain filled bought with rectal cancer. Growing up I remember the radio in my room always being on KHCB radio and hearing Bill's voice and the soothing music. My dad was 84 and we are struggling to pay his funeral as he had no life insurance or burial and no assets. Thankfully he is a Korean veteran and has a resting place at the Houston National Cemetery but still it costs 3500 just for funeral services. Please pray that the fund raising page set up online will generate enough funds to help me his only child. Al his family is gone before him.
Thanks in advance for the intercessory prayer on this site,my prayers are with all those who have posted here today and the past.My request is prayer for my son that he would get wisdom and give up drug use and seek a spiritual life.
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