Elbyn Rodriguez
Heal me, that topic hit the nail on the head. I listened to your words and was in tears. I didn't not feel alone. Thank you. Pray for me..God bless you
Taya Shipman
Please pray for my sweet family. My son is in TX and is struggling financially. My daughter is on Nashville and has financially struggles and struggles to find peace. I am so thankful for this radio program . I listen every night. Bless you
Don Saleski
Please pray for my marriage. I love my wife, but we are getting along less and less well. We've gotten very distant and I am losing all hope outside of the Lord. I cry daily over our troubles, and am becoming more and more depressed. Thank you.
ming miley
Thank you, i put in prayer requests for my son and daughter' job seeking before here, The Lord all answered the prayers and He soon gave my son and daughter jobs, Thank you. Now I have another urgent prayer need to present it to the Lord here. My good friend Dee, she recently found liver and pancreas cancer, she just had a surgery to take out the cancer in liver two days ago, next will be seeing a pancreas cancer panel to do a biopsy first, don't know if there will be chemo following. May the Lord have mercy and heal Dee from all of this cancer, and may the Lord work on Dee's heart to encourage her to go back to church, she is a US born Mexican, she said she doesn't read too good, and when she was young she took care of her elderly grand parents, grandfather was elder or dekon in a Baptist church so they had her go church too much with them, she said that's why she don't go church any more, may the Lord take away this mental hurdle. Thank You Father for this prayer, may You see it to be done in Jesus name, Amen.
Please pray that my medical tests go well on this Friday, June 14. The Lord is our healer...thank you for your prayers. God Bless you all.
please pray for me and my family/many health concerns/spiritually/emotioally.physically,we need unity of the spirit formost,their are some addictions which have compounded the situation,i know we are all going through different thorns in the flesh noone can have the perfect life as not that i have seen anyways,God bless you all as you draw nearer to the cross of Christ,my regards and prayers thanks to all who pray Gloria
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