Dear Nightsounds' Friends,
The falling leaves tell us that another season has ended and winter is just ahead.  At this time of Thanksgiving, we are grateful that God has not abandoned us.  Despite all of the hurt and sin in our world, He gives us hope.  And that's what we want to share with others.
We hear from our listeners telling how the Lord used one of our broadcasts to bring answers, relief, and hope:
"Just wanted to say thank you!  My mom passed away from a very hard fight with Parkinsons.  I would sit beside her bed, and we would listen to Bill. I've been listening for about 30 years and it never gets old.  Keep up the great work, it means so much."
"I recently found Nightsounds with Bill Pearce and have been a regular listener since.  While listening, there are times when it feels as though Mr. Pearce is reading my mind.  Although we are all different, Mr. Pearce shares that we all have some very basic things in common, whether those things are good, bad or indifferent, it makes us what we are and this, we are all God's children."
You can be the Helper who can make a difference.  You see our work depends on faithful Helpers.  What kind of a person is a helper?  I think most of the time he or she is a "background" type person...not a "crusader"...not up front, grabbing the spotlight or being obvious about their help.  That's right, helpers are people like YOU!
As Nightsounds is broadcast day after day, we simply share the Good News, along with inspiration and encouragement, to all who listen.  Your prayer and gifts to Nightsounds really do make a difference.  When you give, you are an important link to help others come to know the Lord.
You are part of our family, thank you and God bless you!
With gratitude,
Jean Brown
P. S.  Bill's only Christmas CD, Christmas In The Air, is available at our Nightsounds' store on this page, or you may write to Nightsounds, P O Box 8769, Rockford, IL  61126.

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