The falling leaves tell us that another season has ended and winter is just ahead.
We are grateful that God gives us hope and that's what we want to share with others.
In creating you and me, God designed into us a need for quietness.  In fact the qualities of justice, peace, confidence and quietness are all linked together in Isaiah 32:17
Every day deserves a good start.  God made it for us and what He makes is perfect.
Thank you for relaxing with us this month while listening to the Nightsounds' broadcasts on quietness and peace; and also our Thanksgiving programs.
Our prayer for you is that God will touch your life and cause you to know His power and feel His presence.
We are thankful to the Lord for the beauty of quiet nature, in others and in You.
So at this Thanksgiving season we thank God for all His blessings.
With gratitude,
Jean Brown
P.S.  We have put together a special CD for this Thanksgiving season.  It contains two of Bill's programs - one on Hope and the other on Thankfulness. Available for your gift of $5.00.  If you would like to receive this Special Thanksgiving CD, you may order from this website, or write to us at Nightsounds, P O Box 8769, Rockford, IL  61126.

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